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Policy advantages

 lPolicy superiority 

1銆丆hannel support
       A銆丳rovincial level proxy锛汢銆丮unicipal proxy锛汣銆丼ingle shop alliance锛汥銆丱n-line sale
2銆丄dvertisement support
       A銆丗ree post and picture provided ,and so on publicity materials  B銆丗ree design the counter image and give certain specified amount for the counter decoration as support  
      C銆丮akes some media advertisement locally in view of region market conditions D銆丄dvertising published on well-known leather products, Hand bag magazines 
3銆(Service support)
       A銆丠ave the perfect service for pre-sale, on-sale, post-sale B銆丯on-periodically carry on the direction, training non-periodically to the marketing by our specialists   C銆丄ssist distributors to analyze the market , make marketing policy and developing  D銆 Coordinate distributors to convene the regional ordering meeting   E銆丯on-periodically invite the    distributors to   deliberate the market development plan together on the base company 
4銆 product support
A銆丒ach Month design and develop a certain amount of new products, the new designs forever lead the marketing tidal
B銆乀he designers inspect the market frequently for working out the befitting products subject to the marketing status
C銆両mplement the national unified retail price for each product
D銆丆arry out the flexible goods exchange system for smoother circulation
E銆乀he company has provided the massive stocks for the best-selling product, let the distributors without worrying due to stock out. 
5銆 sale promotion support

A銆丒very quarter ( Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) carry out the promotion activities accordingly to the market and company situation. 
B銆丮ake the dynamics promotion policy for different holidays 
C銆乀ake partial products with special price from the stocks as the long-term promotion.
6銆丮anagement support
A銆丳rotect zone sale security and Guarantee no occurrence of cross region sale.
B銆丯on-periodically patrol the marketing for attacking the fake and shoddy product
C銆丳erfect brand plan and system for the effective execution on the brand image unification and the developing 
D銆丒ach Month Analyze the distributors’ enters, sell, stocks, assist the distributors’ to completes the safety stock system for lower risk as can 

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