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Superiority in HR

We have the most modern、skill-full、well-management and high-timber managerment team, and with experienced high-timber RD team, which takes very strict from design、quality、to sale and after-sale service. All of our managerment menber had got the college degree or above. With ten-years’ expensince managing in the luggage filed, we have perfect method in choosing staff. Meanwhile, we have cooperate with many university which assure when changing staff to put the company grow up healthy and speedy. 

Beside working well in production, we have lay emphasis on how to built up our own culture. The chairman YU XINGLONG consider to hold the excellent staff is not only giving him with very high salary, but also to built for him with environment multiplly and strongly. A good company have to give out various opportunity to the staff, with this they can have the chance to show up their brightside, and feel the cluture of “V-goal”. With the lead of YU,we have established our Party branch、Youth League branch、V-goal foundation、V-goal brocasting、V-goal art team、<V-goal peoples>magazine. Meanwhile, the company had spend hugo of money sending out our staff for outdoor trainning timining to fullfill the sprit and life. 

After developing in the pass ten years, we have become a group with valiant、created, we will surly work hard to bring our V-goal to be as stronger as she can. 
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