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RD superiority

RD superiority
Superiority in Development
Always bring out new idea is the life of our company, it is the only way to keep moving on when we can envision what the market needs in the right time. “V-goal” knows this deep, and always made “creation” onto company idea, to make “creation” as our soul. With excellent designer come to join into our company, our exploitation ability keeps up all the time. We have always hired the one who knows both skill and management according to the need of our company. Also, we keep sending out our designer to the market, to see what the market need and what will goes by, and then design our product which our customer loves very much. We keep fulfilling our bags to meet different ages and different level, close to every customer, and improving our bags to meet their need.
V-goal had a RD team with senior skill, and our designers had finished the course of ARS ARPEL design college, Italy. Our DR team is proficient to the market and tactics with maintain “win from heart, embrace the world” to be our work attitude. “Win from heart” means our designer always learn from insider modest, and share our production with them。”Embrace the world” means let our bag walk into everywhere of world!
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