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Note: “V-goal” is short of victor’s goal, it shows how lofty and daring the victor is. “FEI GAO” comes from the chinese pronunciation of “V-goal”, with meanning success, but more surpass everyone before, shows out to the hole world that we aim to be the number branch amount the world.
Product idea: taste spirit civilization respected
Product range: with some official but more casual, with covering all daliy use and all service range.
Company goal: strive for the enterprise of world’s first class with quality and taste.

Note: We strive in order to put “V-goal” to be as world-wide branch, the branch is always stands up the top of the first-class enterprise. With first-class enterprise, we need both high quality & taste, Not a single one can be omitted, and “quality & taste” is a kind of idea, including: life、work、service、product and society-duty.             
Company purpose: with continued improve, equitable shareing, 
with ever-lasting manage
Note:  Only with always making improvement while our company is developing, We can achieve our goal to make customer、employee、enterprise、society share the most profit, to keep our company with ever-lasting going on.
 Company sprit: compromise、love-my-job、creation、improve
Note: joint into the society  
Face to the truth
treat with all sincerity
with always hard working
open up to all creation
seaking to be the most perfectly
with active and progress
with together development
Company mission: Bring chinese branch to all over the world
Company aim: to make value for the customer, to make opportunity for the employee, to make profit for the company, to make harmonious for the society. 
Land to the tiller, stock to the management.
Company slogan: create new life with high quality and taste!
Note: For ”quality and taste”, we have to work from company, from our life、work、service、product、society etc… 
“V-goal” slogan: create new life with quality and taste!
Note: quality and taste, is the goal we are strive for in the whole society. So, our company put these into word, which bright our eyes, and up to the consumer’s goal.
“WEI WANG” slogan: embrace the world!
 Note: Our company is mainly in luggage, under the strategy of world-wide branch, our company always lay stress on both quality and taste, strive to achieve world-wide branch. Our goal is to know all over the world, with our excellent slogan, we have show our world-wide branch thorough. 
“Embrace” is just the same word with”bag” in Chinese. And we have put the word to our slogan ingenious.
Easy to learn、remember、read, with pithy and sharp word, it is good to set up and keep our brand in the consumer.
Though the sentence is short, it is sharp and, just shows the goal we will make our company bigger and stronger!
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